Regions MyMortgage

MyMortgage and FNMA Servicer Announcement

Fannie Mae recently recognized Regions Mortgage Servicing as a 4 STAR™ (Servicer Total Achievement and Rewards) performance recipient for 2015. Regions also earned a four-star designation for Timeline Management for the 2015 program year.

Fannie Mae created the STAR™ program to establish standards and recognize excellence among servicers for overall performance, customer service and foreclosure prevention efforts. The STAR™ program measures several key operational and performance areas relative to mortgage servicing peers and acknowledges their achievement through STAR™ designation. Regions Bank finished second among six 4-STAR servicers.

“It is a sign of great progress to award four-star designations,” said Leslie Peeler, senior vice president of Fannie Mae’s National Servicing Organization.

Regions Bank received a four STAR designation for the 2015 STAR calendar year based on an overall performance scorecard score within the top two quartiles for all STAR Performance Scorecard servicers based on rank and an overall operational assessment rating of green.